It just doesn’t stop. Life. Work. Home. Dreams. Disasters. Opportunities. Births. Deaths. Time marches on to the drum of our choosing. We can use our time on earth as we choose, the issue for many of us is we simply don’t realize that it is our choice.  As I personally experienced the role of Time & Life Management consulting while being a wife, mom, author, business owner, and involved in my community groups. I realized life was not simply about efficient use of time, but engaging in choices to support your values.  The 7 Minute Solution isn’t a work about someone else’s life, it’s research and writing based on what I had to personally experience.  This book is a work in personal learning to realize that to have the life I want, I have to prioritize, organize and simplify ® my life.  In today’s busy life, I needed the tools to help me stay on track and blueprint the life I wanted to build.  The 7 Minute Solution offers examples and tools to support creating a life with MORE meaning by spending 7 minutes at a time to choose the life you desire to live.

We have many tools in our Member Services area. We want you to look around.  At my blog  you can download the Daily Progress Report planner as a no strings attached truthful taste to lessen your load as you begin the system.  The button is available each day and will also be on the Facebook wall so you can share them with friends. It’s a daily lesson to learn to prioritize values in our daily lives, we all have to face it daily in this digital world that never stops.

Daily Progress Report


The days are full of exciting things to share. The Nation-Wide Launch is December 27th….DECEMBER 27th!!! I can hardly believe it’s almost here. We have so many exciting things to share with you about that. One of the most important things is that Barnes & Noble are giving away a NOOK for folks who come either virtually or online to BUY THE BOOK and Barnes & Noble is donating part of the proceeds on December 27th to a local school. We’re so excited that even our friends who cannot come to Jonesboro, Arkansas for the release will be able to be with us as we do a LIVE Launch event on Twitter using our Just 7 hashtag #Just7. Will you join us? December 27th beginning at 4 pm cst!!! Consider yourself invited, we want you to join in the celebration, giveaways, and of course we want to know how you like the book!!! Barnes & Noble is hosting the national launch event and we are so proud to be with them. You can join the party virtually by being with us at FACEBOOK, and on Twitter, watch for the #Just7 news on each! Books will also be available at the locations listed below!

It’s beginning to feel like magic is in the air…how wonderful to share this with you!