10 Things I am Grateful for in My Life

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My world is busy and filled with distractions. Far too often I let the days pass by without slowing down to be grateful for all of the wonderful things and people in my life. Writing these posts to share often take several hours to contemplate and write. It was a wonderful  exercise to focus my attention on what I am most grateful for in my life.

This is my gratitude list ————————————————>>>>>>>>


Writing is one of the gifts in my life. Writing forces me to take time  to stop and think. Writing slows me down and fills me with the conscious awareness of what is happening in the world, what is happening in the lives of our community members (like you), and what is happening in my own life.

The 7 Minute Life is growing and changing.  Improving your time management mindset and your ability to focus on what is most important in life is a skill that can be taught. Time management begins with clarifying exactly how you will chose to spend your time, attention, concentration and focus.

Today I have decided to be intentional about the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Today I have deeply considered what I am most thankful for in life. Today I have chosen to spend my time focusing my heart, soul and mind -thinking. Surprisingly it was harder than I thought to create my personal list of 10 things I am thankful for in my life. It is not that there are too few or too many things I am grateful for – it was amazingly difficult to transfer “feelings” into “words”.

Now it is your turn to list 10 things you are grateful for in your life:

Click Here or click on the image below to download a PDF of The 7 Minute Life: Gratitude List.

Completing “The Gratitude List” with your family would be a wonderful tradition for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Print off a copy of the PDF for each family member and have them list the 10 things they are thankful for in life. Then, have one of your family members read off each list and have the rest of the family guess who wrote that “Gratitude List”.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks. This PDF gives you a way to share what you are most thankful for with your family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!Allyson Lewis

Life is a journey…

Journey on!

Allyson Lewis



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And, please comment below – what are you thankful for this year?